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TV-Filme im Wettbewerb (Programm 4)

  • B: The Beginning (Ep. 1)

  • Culte: Lecteurs sous influence (Ep.: "1984")

  • The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special: Look Who's Walking von Thomas SHEPPARD

  • Angeli the Killer (Ep.: "Delírios de Um Amor Louco" ["A Crazy Love's Delirium"])

  • Killer Seven (Ep. 2)

"B: The Beginning" ist eine von Production I.G produzierte 12teilige Serie.

Als der Serienkiller "B" auftaucht und eine mysteriöse Serienmordreihe in Cremona beginnt, kehrt Ermittler Keith Flick zur Sondereinheit der königlichen Polizei, der Royal Investigation Service (RIS), zurück. Bei seinen grausamen Morden hinterlässt der Täter an den Orten des Geschehens seine Signatur, die aus dem Buchstaben "B" besteht.

"Angeli the Killer" is an animated series loosely inspired in the works and personality of the Brazilian cartoonist, Angeli, creator of the seminal magazine "Chiclete com Banana" and characters as the bohemian junkie Rê Bordosa, the punk Bob Spit, among others. ... The series is constructed by meshing a documentary structure, which begins with interviews with Angeli, and free adaptations of his characters and comics.



Die Serie "Killer Seven" stammt aus China.

In the comedy series, set in a fictional small city, a young man called Seven, who has lost his memory, is accidentally hired by a shadowy organization as an assassin. He chooses a job as a barber as his cover and, although Seven keeps failing in his assignments, he gradually shakes off the image of a loser and finds his true identity.
https://www.chinadailyhk.com/A killer success.html
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